Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

Ultrasonic Quilting Machine(also called Ultrasonic embossing machine;Ultrasonic Quilt Machine;Needless Quilting Machine):

For all kinds of chemical fiber fabrics, woven fabrics, collodion, artificial leather fabric laminate as adhesive, embossing function.

The machine operation is simple and convenient, clear and beautiful flowers and fabric deformation, adhesion firmly without needle, high production efficiency. It can be replaced freely stick according to customer demand, flower type can form different patterns with different effects, is the ideal equipment for producing sheet, bedspread, pillow, quilt cover, sofa sets, clothing and soft decoration etc..

Basic configuration:

  1. the machine adopts the latest ultrasonic control box, the power is strong and stable, suitable for long time continuous operation. Built in multi-channel ultrasonic protection system to ensure the safe and stable operation of the host.
  2. machine composition: 1. embossing compound host 2. ultrasonic control cabinet 3. finished product take-up machine 4. fabric discharging rack


  1. avoid sewing, omit the trouble of changing the line, the product is beautiful.

2., more three-dimensional, should be the trend of the times.

  1. according to the requirements, you can choose to change the pattern.
  2. high suture strength, high production efficiency.

Application range:

The composite made of all kinds of chemical fiber fabrics, leather products and collodion cotton, non-woven fabrics or needle cotton. Flower pattern can be designed at will. Garment bedspread, pillow, sofa fabric production, and interior decoration.

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