Product Tag - Automatic servo system control fabric textile leather knife pleating machine

  • Fabric Pleating Machine CR-217

    Fabric Pleating Machine CR-217 Application: Fabric, textile, leather pleating. The more chemical fiber contained, the easier to pleat

  • Multi -functional Computer-controlled Pleating Machine CR-217D

    This pleating machine can be used for processing all kinds of chemical fiber and blended fabrics, PVC, PU, cow leather, and pigskin

  • Sunray organ-shape fabric pleating machine CR-516

    Description of Sunray organ-shape fabric pleating machine CR-516

    This machine is specially designed and manufactured for sun skirt(horn skirt).it has 180 degree cut film. After process ,shirt appears radiating shape, having strong in three-dimensional effect, artistic and in good taste. It can also process gradient color. The machine is stable performance, easy operation.  The size of pleating surface can be adjusted from 3 mm to 45 mm.