28KHZ Ultrasonic Jacket Seamless Underwear Sewing Machine

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28KHZ Ultrasonic Jacket Seamless Underwear Sewing Machine


Model CR-28K
Vol. 220V,1 phase,50HZ
Power 1000W
Air compressor 0.35-0.5Mpa
Speed 1-23MM/Minute
Frequency 28KHZ
Roller width 12MM
Machine size 1200*550*1300MM
Net.Weight 130KGS

Feature and directions:

1.Upper and lower belts adjust the speed separately, store ten minification programs

2.up and down belt,blowing guide slot Independent control temperature stability up to +2 degree

3.Self-tracking frequency type.

4.Trim fabric finish with cutter

5.5.7 inch touch screen with visual operation,intuitionistic convenience

6.Computerized type.


Our Advantages:

1.Professional sample room —– you get order smoothly. If You need provide samples to your customer first, it not necessary to own seamless equipment by your side.

2. Free Experience instruction—– we can provide seamless bra, underwear, swimming wear and other seamless garment for a full range of production, bonding technology, film using, QC testing, maintenance and training ect.


Applicable scope:

1.seamless lingerie paste glue tape.

2.seamless underwear.

3.seamless Low cut ped socks paste a strip of cloth.

4.seamless sports wear.

5.seamless outdoor wear .

6.swimming wear , bicycle wear ect paste tape.

Waterproof  outside wear,seamless bra,and seamless swimming suit etc

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