Doctor cap making machine

Doctor cap making machine can produce doctor cap automatically.

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Doctor cap making machine
First, the performance characteristics:
The machine uses advanced ultrasonic welding system will be a non-woven folding of the doctor’s cap. Man-machine interface operation only one person. Built-in PLC program control, high stability, low failure rate, the import slowdown brake motor, effectively reducing the product’s non-performing rate. Beautiful solid aluminum frame, never rust. In the case of replacement of the mold can produce different specifications of the doctor hat.
The finished product can be used in electronics manufacturing, clean workshop, catering service, food processing, schools, spraying processing, stamping hardware, hospitals, hand processing industry, hospitals, beauty, pharmaceuticals, factories, clean environment, public places Use.

Second, the technical parameters:
Power supply voltage: AC 220V,50/60HZ
Power: 8.5KW
Design speed: 120 tablets / min
Best speed: 60-100 tablets / min
Overall dimensions: 8250 * 880 * 1600mm
Weight: 1800kg

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