Dual nozzle hot air surfboard welding machine

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Feature of dual nozzle hot air surfboard welding machine
1. It adopts editable PLC control system, high-definition touch screen display, Chinese and English system, can be programmed according to user requirements, microcomputer automatically controls the whole machine, simple operation, stable action performance, and low failure rate.
2. Temperature automatic controlled, high stability, temperature fluctuation range ± 2 ℃. Add temperature alarm device to better protect heater.
3. Auto compensation, auto micro back to reduce empty welding.
4. Blowing-in hot air is filtrated without any water and oil
5.The equipment can set different parameters according to different welding materials, and automatically store them, which is convenient to call and improve work efficiency.
6. The upper and lower rollers are driven by independent motors, and the speed can be adjusted separately.
7. Double hot air nozzle design, simple operation, beautiful and firm welding.

Technical specification

Product name Dual nozzle hot air surfboard welding machine
Model CR-G20
Voltage AC220V 50-60HZ
Power 5000W
Heat control Up to 700°C
Working speed 1-30m/min
Air pressure 0.35-0.5Mpa
Roller width Optional 20/30/40/50mm
Nozzle width Optional 20/30/40mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 1500*750*1600MM
Weight 270kgs

Applicational of dual nozzle hot air surfboard welding machine
Surfboard, Stand up Paddle surfboard, Inflatable stand up paddle board surfboards, SUP inflatable paddleboard, drop stitch stand up board, etc.

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