CR-G13 Hot Air Hot Wedge Plastic Welding Machine

Hot air hot wedge welding machine for large inflatable tents, rubber boats, inflatable boats, inflatable swimming pools, balloons,  banner, seamless sewing products, and fishing boats, etc.

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Hot air hot wedge plastic welding machine CR-G13

Product Description

Model CR-G13
Voltage AC220V 50HZ
Power 3000W
Heat control Up to 750°C for hot air
Heat control Up to 500°C for hot wedge
Speed 1-15m/min
Pressure 0.35-0.5Mpa
Roller width 20/30/40/50mm
Nozzle width 20/30/40mm
Dimension 1500*600*1520mm
Option Function Hot Wedge
 Net weight 260kg
Optional function Hot wedge


Product Introduction:

Hot air hot wedge welding machine has unique advantage in inflatable products made of membranes structure, which is total different with high frequency welding and hot melt welding technology, the hot air is blew between the sealing surface, under necessary suitable pressure to get perfect welding effect, PVC, TUP material are all available, which are made to water polo, water drum, grass ball, inflatable swimming pool, large inflatable tents, inflatable boats, rubber boats and fishing boats and etc.



1.Bigger operation space, widely used in coated PVC fabric welding, such as tent house, inflatable boat/water tank, banner etc.

2.With both hot air and hot wedge function.

3.Editable PLC control, touch screen display.

4.Auto temperature control with warning device for the up limit temperature.

5.Auto compensation and reverse.

6.Double pedals control.

7.It could work up to 24 hours.

8.Blowing-in hot air is filtrated without any water and oil.

9.Super strong torsional dynamic design.

10.The heat block is noiseless, environmentally friendly, smokeless, strong welding fastness, and no bright edges.

11.The equipment can set different order parameters according to different welding materials, and automatically store them, which is convenient to call and improve work efficiency.


Suitable Material:

1.Vinyl (PVC) laminated fabric

2.Vinyl coated fabrics

3.Vinyl Films

4.Polyurethane film

5.Polypropylene coated fabric

6.Polyethylene (PE)

7.Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) film

8.Thermoplastic rubber fabrics

9.Nonwoven polyester

10.Various fusing tapes

11.Weldable webbings

12.Rigid extruded products

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