New Style Intelligent PVC Hot Air Seam Welding Machine

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New Style Intelligent PVC Hot Air Seam Welding Machine

Introduction of Intelligent Hot Air Seam Welding machine :

Intelligent Hot Air Seam Welding machine has unique advantage in producing inflatable products, which is total different with high frequency welding and hot melt welding technology, the hot air is blew between the sealing surface, under necessary suitable pressure to get perfect welding effect, PVC, TPU material are all available, which are made to water polo, water drum, grass ball, inflatable swimming pool, large inflatable tents, inflatable boats, rubber boats and fishing boats and etc.Except Inflatable goods,Hot air welding machine is also suitable for producing Keder and Tarpaulin.

Purpose of Intelligent Hot Air Seam Welding machine:

Intelligent Hot Air Seam Welding machine is suitable to produce all kinds of waterproof product which is made from coated PU,PVC,TPU, PE, PVA, such as large tent, inflatable boat and children toys, car covering,etc.

Technical parameters of Intelligent Hot Air Seam Welding machine:


AC220V 50HZ

Heat control(hot air)

Up to 700°C



The gun inner


Heat control(hot wedge)

Up to 450°C



Net weight




Optinal Function

Hot Wedge



Roller Width


Nozzle Width


Welding material of Intelligent Hot Air Seam Welding machine:

1.Vinyl (PVC) laminated fabric

2.Vinyl coated fabrics

3.Vinyl Films

4.Polyurethane film

5.Polypropylene coated fabric

6.Polyethylene (PE)

7.Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) film

8.Thermoplastic rubber fabrics

9.Non woven polyester

10.Various fusing tapes

11.Rigid extruded products

Features of Intelligent Hot Air Seam Welding machine:

1.Special 3D nozzle swing system and software could be upgraded.

2.Auto temperature control with high stability,max temperature alarm design to protect heater.

3.Original imported computer chip design , can be programmed in accordance wit user’s requirements,microcomputer automatic control the whole machine ,simple operation , stable performance action, low failure rate .

4.It is 3 inch Panasonic touch screen and can directly show all kinds of data.

5.Temperature is automatic tracking controlled by computer and its precision can reach +/-1.

6.The temperature is controlled by computer chip.two speeds motor.separate upper and lower roller motor , can adjust its speed .

7.Turn on the heating button , later turn it off and then delay the shut down , get into count down

8.No table, wide lower prop design ,suit to processing the large tents, rubber boats , air balloon, seamless sewing products, etc.

9.This model is suitable for processing the rubber boat’s head, special to seaming the round corner . circular cone etc.

10.With function of hot wedge,it is lower consumption in power,and less smoking will emit,while operating machine.

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