CR-60B Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machine

CR-60B ultrasonic lace sewing machine suitable for lace clothing, synthetic filter bag, surgical gown, hair decorations, packaging satin,raincoat, tablecloth, chair cover, bedspread, pillowcase, quilt cover, handkerchief, Christmas ribbon, disposable operating coat, hook and loop cutting,pocket filter bag, non woven bag making,shower curtain, etc

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Ultrasonic lace sewing machine CR-60B


Ultrasonic lace sewing machine

 Commodity  Ultrasonic lace sewing machine
 Model  CR-60B
 Output(W)  2000W
 Frequency(KHz)  20KHz
 Voltage(V)  220V 50-60Hz
 Roller size  23-55MM
Horn size Dia. 70mm
 Working speed  0 -20M /min
 Air compressor 0.35-0.5Mpa
 Dimension Of Packing 1200*540*1140mm
 N.W (kg)  140kg


Trimming: Single-sided straight or curved cutting, and edge melting treatment, so that the edge is smooth, not rough, and without burrs;

Stitching: Two or more layers of fabrics are stitched together, wireless needleless instead of sewing, and good welding strength;

Hole-cutting: Cut out holes of various patterns, and do edge-melting treatment;

Stripping: Single or multiple strips of the material can be opened and cut at the same time, and the edges should be melted without burrs;

Forming: Cutting, stitching, and embossing at the same time, so that the product is formed at one time.


1. There are various patterns of flower patterns, and designs can be provided according to customer needs;

2. Super power output, with two levels of adjustable power, suitable for welding and cutting requirements of different materials and thicknesses;

3. Built-in computer chip and multi-channel ultrasonic protection system to ensure the safe and stable operation of the host;

4. The application of automatic frequency tracking system and ultrasonic soft start technology makes this machine powerful.


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