Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

Ultrasonic Quilting  Machine,automatically produce quilt with speed.Also can embossing artificial leather,and quilt non woven fabric.

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Ultrasonic Quilting  Machine

Technical Specification:

Model Power Source Working Width Frequency Working Temperature
CR-1550 380V 50-60Hz 1550MM 20KHz ≤28℃
CR-1850 380V 50-60Hz 1850MM 20KHz ≤28℃
CR-2300 380V 50-60Hz 2300MM 20KHz ≤28℃
CR-2600 380V 50-60Hz 2600MM 20KHz ≤28℃
CR-2800 380V 50-60Hz 2800MM 20KHz ≤28℃
CR-3000 380V 50-60Hz 3000MM 20KHz ≤28℃

Ultrasonic Quilting  Machine Machine Characteristics:

1.Adopt ultrasonic quilting technology to weld and stitch the fabric together without needle and thread.

2.Different rollers and patterns can be designed according to various materials and customer’s special requirements

3.High speed and productivity, strong welding strength enable stable quality.

4.Easy to operate

5. 80 hours continuous working

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