Ultrasonic cutting machine for Velcro

Ultrasonic cutting machine  for Velcro is an great  equipment for automatic feeding, automatic winding and automatic standard cutting for velcro. Ultrasonic cutting is divided and cut, the incision is neat and beautiful, the product is sealed automatically, and the quality of the product is improved. It is favored by many manufacturers.

Velcro cutting machine

Machine parameters:

Frequency: 20KHZ

Voltage: 220V

Output power: 1800W

Appearance size: 1200*400*1550mm

Weight: 110KG

Efficiency: 3-10 meters per minute

Machine features:

1. Our transducer has strong power and good stability.

2. feeding is smooth and  winding is neat and adjustable.

3.ultrasonic frequency is 20KHZ, and the noise is very small.

4. the control box is intuitive, easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to operate.

5. speed can be adjusted at will.

6. high quality knife roll cutting, wear resistance and durable.

7. the tool can be changed at any time and the installation is simple and convenient.

8. the whole machine is exquisite in structure, reasonable in design and beautiful in appearance.

The characteristics of the work:

High efficiency – up to 10 meters per minute.

Intuitionistic – it is convenient and intuitionistic to adjust the operation.

The quality is automatic edge sealing, no scorching, no blackening, no burr.

Economy – automatic work, labor saving, one person can operate multiple machines.

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