CR-A1550 cross horn ultrasonic quilting machine

CR-A1550 cross horn ultrasonic quilting machine

Ultrasonic quilting machine equipment, using the principle of ultrasonic for non-needle and non-thread operation, for various types of chemical fiber fabrics, non-woven fabrics, spray cotton, artificial leather and other fabric lamination, bonding and embossing functions.

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Description of ultrasonic quilting machine
1. Adopting the latest ultrasonic control box with strong and stable power. It is suitable for long-time and continuous work.
2. Built-in PC chip and multi-circuit ultrasonic protection system to make the main machine run safely and steadily.
3. Structure of machine. ① Pattern press compound machine, ② Ultrasonic control cabinet, ③ End products rolling machine, ④ Fabrics feeding rack.
4. This machine is simple in operation convenient in maintenance, high efficiency in production. The lamination cloth with different patterns can be got what you need to do only is to change the pattern roller.

Technical Specification

Product name ultrasonic quilting embossing machine
Model CR-A1550
Voltage 380V
Power 20KW
Frequency 15, 18 and 20 khz are available
Working speed 0-20 m/min
Weight 1100kgs
Dimension(L*W*H) Customized on request.
Max Sewing Thickness 0-800GSM

Feature of ultrasonic quilting machine
1. Adopt ultrasonic quilting technology to weld and stitch the fabric together without needle and thread.
2. Effective width support 1550-3000mm, own cross horns design patent.
3. Compare to normal quilting machine, has high efficiency and labor saving advantages.
4. Self produced ultrasonic system, high efficiency and steady, after-sales guaranteed.
5. Easy to operate, one person could handle whole machine working, easy to maintain.
6. Quilting roller patterns are customized, etching and carving types are available for choice.
7. Support to custom flexible solutions based on your requests.

ultrasonic quilting machine roller:
The original embossing roller support customized pattern.
The additional carving roller patterns support custom, price is adjustable according to actual pattern complexity, depth and sizes.

Applicational of ultrasonic quilting machine

This machine is suitable for composite material, thermoplastic film and plastics slice, etc. such as chemical fibrous cloth, nylon cloth, knitting cloth, non-spin cloth, gush glue cotton, PE paper, PE,PVC,ABS, and so on. The patterns can be designed as your pleasure. It is applied to the production of fabrics for garment, bed spread, pillow, sofa and indoor decorations.

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