CR-G22 Hot Air Plastic Welding Machine

CR-G22 Dual Hot Air PVC Inflatable Boat Plastic Welding Machine for Float boat, inflatable boat, rubber boat, fishing boat, etc.

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Feature of  CR-G22 Dual Hot Air Inflatable Boat Plastic Welding Machine
1. This machine adopts advanced upper and lower double hot air design, with single hot air and double hot air functions, suitable for overlap welding and reinforcement sheet welding of single-sided and double-sided waterproof inflatable products. It can meet various welding requirements of TPU, PVC, PE, PVC mesh cloth, etc. It is widely used in float boats, inflatable boats and other products.
2. It adopts editable PLC control system, high-definition touch screen display, Chinese and English system, can be programmed according to user requirements, microcomputer automatically controls the whole machine, simple operation, stable action performance, and low failure rate.
3. Auto temperature control with warning device for the up limit temperature.
4. Auto compensation, auto micro back to reduce empty welding.
5. Double pedals control.
6. It could work up to 24 hours continuously.
7. The unique heating structure, hot air temperature can reach 750℃, the temperature is automatically tracked and controlled by a computer, and the accuracy can reach ±1℃.
8. Super strong torsional dynamic design.
9.Blowing-in hot air is filtrated without any water and oil.
10. The equipment can set different parameters according to different welding materials, and automatically store them, which is convenient to call and improve work efficiency.

Technical Specification

Product name Hot air plastic welding machine
Model CR-G22
Voltage AC 220V 50-60HZ
Power 6000W
Heat air control Up to 750°C
Speed 1-15m/min
Air Pressure 0.35-0.5Mpa
Roller width 20/30/40/50mm
Nozzle width 20/30/40mm
Dimension 1370*1170*1780mm
Gross weight 300kg

Application of CR-G22 Dual Hot Air Inflatable Boat Plastic Welding Machine

Float boat, inflatable boat, rubber boat, fishing boat, etc.

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