CR-A2 Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine (no blower type)

CR-A2 Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine (no blower type)

Hot air seam sealing machine CR-A2  is suitable for produce car cover,out door coat,rain coat.Use seam sealing tape to seal sealing sewing side. contact us for hot air seam sealing machine price.

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Feature of  Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

  1. PLC control, touch screen digital display, setting parameters can be adjusted according to your needs.
  2. Automatic temperature control, stable operation, temperature accuracy ±1°C, temperature upper limit alarm design, protection of heating wire.
  3. Double pedals control, two modes of jog or self-locking can be selected, easy to operate, not easy to be fatigued, and suitable for long-term operation.
  4. Independent heating tube control program, shutdown delay function to protect the heating tube.
  5. 24-hour production to improve production efficiency.
  6. Automatic cutting, feeding and sealing to reduce material loss, Auto limited tape length cutting function saves 15% tape.
  7. Adopting direct current motor control, accurate numerical value.
  8. Blowing-in hot air is filtrated without any water and oil.

Technical Specification

Product Name Hot air seam sealing machine
Model CR-A2
Voltage AC220V 50-60HZ
Power 2500W
Hot air control Up to 700°C
Speed 1-28m/min
Air pressure 0.35-0.5Mpa
Roller width 25.4/30 mm
Upper roller lift 25-35mm
Dimension 1200*540*1470mm
Weight 160kg

Applicational of  Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

Raincoat, protective clothing, waterproof jacket, tents, car covers, etc.

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