CR-A2 Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine (auto feed tape type)

CR-A2 Hot air seam sealing machine is suitable for produce car cover,out door coat,rain coat, protective clothing, etc.Use seam sealing tape to seal sealing sewing side.

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Feature of hot air seam sealing machine
1. Suitable for kinds of waterproof garment and products, such as waterproof jacket, protective clothing, raincoat, tent, car cover etc.
2. Adopt PLC easy-to-read, high-definition touch-type multi-functional display screen to clearly display speed, temperature and operation programming.
3. Temperature automatic controlled, high stability, temperature fluctuation range ± 2 ℃. Add temperature alarm device to better protect heater.
4. The up and low roller chain are synchronous, auto compensation and reverse
5. Designing the control program of double foot pedal according to human body mechanics, it is comfortable to operate, not easy to fatigue, and suitable for long-term operation.
6. It could work up to 24 hours
7. Blowing-in hot air is filtrated without any water and oil
8. Auto tape clipping feeding and finishing function to reduce tape raw material loss.
9. Supper-thin lower column design, suitable for sealing various sizes products
10. Auto auxiliary tape loosening system can be added according to customer requirements.

Technical Specification

Product name Hot air seam sealing machine (auto feed tape type)
Model CR-A2
Voltage AC220V 50-60HZ
Power 2500W
Temperature Up to 700℃
Working speed 1-28 m/min
Pressure 0.35-0.5Mpa
Roller width 25mm
Upper roller lift 25-35mm
Optional size of roller 8-25mm
Dimension 1300*600*1600mm
Net weight 160kgs

Application products of hot air seam sealing machine
It is suitable for raincoat, protective clothing, waterproof jacket, tents, car covers, waterproof garment, etc.

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